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WARNING: Due to the very extreme nature of this PSA, videos of it will not be uploaded to this page. Viewer discretion is very strongly advised.

"Baby Monitor" is a Child Abuse PSA from South Africa by an organisation called "Women & Men Against Child Abuse", aired in 2003. Since it's many appearances online via YouTube uploads and other PSA-related threads/discussions, it has become infamous for it's incredibly disturbing contents. In which, we overhear through a baby monitor a man raping his very young daughter.

Pure misery...

The distressed mother


We see a shot of a kitchen wall as we can hear a young girl on a baby monitor singing and possibly playing with some dolls. Her door swings open and she exclaims,

"Hello, daddy!"

The father starts whispering something to the daughter, as the camera pans over to a woman, Implied to be the mother, who puts down her iron on the ironing board and listening to the monitor. The girl then starts shouting to the father,

"Ah!~ Please, daddy, no!~"

The camera zooms in on the mother's face, now looking completely distressed. After we see the woman crying over the horrific noises we hear coming from the baby monitor, we see a shot from a window outside the house as a female announcer says in a thick South African accent,

"If you don't stop him from raping her, who will?"

The screen fades to black, then fading to the WOMEN AND MEN AGAINST CHILD ABUSE logo against a purple background with their number as the announcer says,

"Find your strength."

FX/SFX: Live action.

Availability: Reasonably common. Has appeared on many YouTube channels and in multiple PSA compilations.

Scare factor: OFF THE SCALE. Baby Monitor is widely regarded within the PSA community as one of the most disturbing PSAs of all time. It's no wonder why. The scenes and sounds within this PSA are, without question, extremely shocking and highly disturbing to almost any viewer who watches it.