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PSAs (Public Service Announcements) are a type of commercial that exist to spread awareness about a specific topic, such as Road Safety or Animal Rights. Although most of the famous PSAs either come from the United States, Canada, or the UK, there are so many from multiple different countries that some of the most infamous ones don't even come from the Americas or Europe, but they can even come from Africa! (albeit South Africa) This wiki was made to document these PSAs, from the famous, to the infamous, to the obscure. About that second acronym, PIFs stand for "Public Information Films", which are short films made by governments to also spread awareness about specific topics, but for a longer duration. They were usually shown in schools, and they have died down at this point, which you could also say about PSAs.[1] As you may know if you have heard of PSAs, some of the PSAs you will find on this site may be disturbing, so if you have are easily scared, have certain phobias, etc., please consider reading the descriptions before watching them. Some PSAs will be so bad that their videos will not be allowed on the wiki. This is reserved for if they have realistic, or even real, depictions of gore, SA, child abuse, animal abuse, etc., or if they have extremely disturbing audio. If you dare wish to see them, you can see them here,

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  1. This wiki was formerly known as the Public Information Film Wiki, so people called normal PSAs PIFs. If you see a PSA get called a PIF, do not correct it, as it is a remnant of the original name.